Private Exchange

A Private Exchange refers to a controlled marketplace where online Publishers and Advertisers determine which buyers, or sellers are invited to participate and purchase ad inventory.

This is important because it allows Publishers to control which campaigns might best fit their inventory content whilst preventing conflict with existing Advertisers. It also allows Advertisers to only select inventory that best targets their brand. The benefit for both sides is uplift in performance.

AdMetrics Media Premium Exchange (AMPX)
AdMetrics Media has created a Premium Exchanges for both Publishers and Advertisers using intelligent features and a tailored solution.

1. For Publishers
AdMetrics Media uses a strict on-boarding process for inventory using both a human and automated audit process. This together with complete inventory transparency ensures that Advertisers feel confident in the integrity of our managed inventory. This exclusive feel to the inventory makes it more Premium and in turn attracts more Demand Partners. Publishers experience greater Fill rates and CPM rates and this allows them to dedicate more inventory.

2. For Advertisers
Increasingly Advertisers require greater targeting and stricter controls. Consequently the need for a Premium Exchange becomes more apparent. By using granular levels of control to manage tight targeting, only the inventory that has passed due diligence is entitled to be incorporated within their own exchange. Real-time decisions are then employed to bid on specific impressions creating Prioritised Bidding.