Maximise inventory yield

The objective for many Publishers is how to effectively manage both Premium and Remnant inventory. Traditionally this has led to different ways of capitalising on these inventory types, often with seperate marketing methods. AdMetrics Media simplifies the dilema into one manageable model usingĀ a new and proven method of capitalising on their entire inventory to raise CPM Rates and Fill Rates.

These key features and benefits can be outlined in five main areas:

1. Access to global advertising campaigns
By connecting to all of the main Real Time Bidding (RTB) Ad Exchanges, Networks, Demand Partners and Trading Desks Publishers can benefit from a rich landscape of Premium Ad campaigns within all global geographies.

2. Intelligent technology
Intelligent algorithms are optimised towards inventory parameters on an Audience Targeting basis. This is achieved through smart audience profiling that differentiates higher value users. Because this is unique to each advertising campaign, all inventory has the opportunity to be profiled and therefore Premium and Remnant does not need to be segregated. Each impression is then bid on seperately and this has the effect of driving higher CPM and Fill rates.

3. Quality assurance
Brand quality and safety is addressed using a human auditing team in combination with automated creative quality control, which checks for Malware, Fraud and Viruses for all creative banners served.

4. Reporting
Granular analytics are available through one central user interface, which gives Publishers User Access and reports in real time. These can be automatically sent by email by hour, day or month.

5. Scalability
Using a highly scalable multiple data center architecture that gives 100% uptime and under 100ms decision-making on ad serving, Publishers can be assurred that however large or disperate their domains are, they will be using the latest cuting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled results.